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This Game is about a geek guy, whom the player have to control, whose computer is being attacked by the viruses, these viruses will eat up all the information of folders. The Player is the owner of the folder and those folders are very important for him to save or recover them. To save his folders he will kill the entire incoming virus. To recover and protect his folders he will take help of some power-ups. The bonus points are given at the end of each level, which is equal to the number of folders saved. Enemy A.I Here viruses are provided very simple A.I. Viruses will chase the folder when virus comes in chasing distance of the folder. Viruses will also run away from the player, when the player comes closer to the enemies. Power-Ups The RED cross sign appears after some interval of time in the game, which symbolizes power-ups. The player can use this power-ups to recover the folders. This power-ups are symbolizing antivirus which can heal our folders. Folder.exe Download Folder.exe (

Squares Vs Triangles in Marketplace

Squares Vs Triangles is my second game published in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Zune Deep link : Screenshots