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@GHC, Bengaluru

Gracehopper conference is awesome and the techy women are amazing. Radha Homtel, the place of our stay, is good but the food and service  is yak. This is the poster we designed for the conference.

Gracehopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2011

Our poster "Environment Education Game Design" got selected in  Gracehopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2011 . List of accepted academic posters: .

Selected for Poster Presentation in Gracehopper celebration of Women in Computing.

Hurrah!!! after a long wait of one and a half months I finally got the mail from Gracehopper for being invited to Poster Presentation. Feeling very lucky and proud of getting such an opportunity. It feels like Dream comes true. I hope I can make to the finals and bagged the prize. Off to Bangalore on the 15th of December. Once again I am so... excited!!!  :)


जिंदगी थी बढ़ी उदाश जिसमे थे बढे बढे ख्वाब ख्वाबो को पूरे करने की थी तलाश जीवन हो न जाये व्यर्थ डर था बस यही हर वक़्त बनानी थी अपनी एक पहचान जिससे हो हमे बढ़ा अभिमान भरने है हमे जीवन में इतने रंग की खिल उठे हम अपने सपनों के संग जीना है कुछ इस तरह की मुस्कुराएँ हम हर एक पल भुलादे हम हर एक गम सिखा हमने बनाओ अपने कर्तव्य को अपना अभिमान फिर दुनिया भुला न पायेगी चाह कर भी तुम्हारी पहचान जिंदगी जितनी भी हो उदाश सपने देखो तुम हर एक रात

ICETA 2011

Got my first publication "Learning Chemistry Through Puzzle Based Game: Atoms to Molecule" at ICETA 2011 ( 9th IEEE International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications ) List of Proceedings:

Atooms to Moolecules in Marketplace

Finally got Atooms to Moolecules published. Link to updated PC build  Atooms to Moolecules (7.82 MB Setup) Deep link : Screenshots

Ubisoft, Pune

Yeah finally got a job. I will be joining Ubisoft, Pune as "Junior" Gameplay Programmer from 10 Oct.


जाने आज ऐसा क्यों एहसास हुआ जी रहे थे हम आंखें बंद किये | खुशियों के आने पर भी खुश नहीं थे हम | किसी और की कामयाबी को बनाकर अपना जी रहे थे हम | आखे खुली तो देखा हमारे सपने मुस्कुरा रहे थे हमपर| दिल ने कहा हमसे देर नहीं हुई इतनी की तुम मुरझा गए हो फुल भी सूरज की आखरी किरण तक खिलते है | रास्ते वही है, सफ़र वही फिर क्यूँ तुम सोच में दुबे हो उठाओ बिस्तर, भुलाओ बीते पल और ढूंड लो अपनी मंज़िल | क्यों दिल धडक ता  है जोरो से सोच कर चल रहे हम अकेले| जब की मंजिल की शुरुआत में हम थे बिलकुल अकेले| सफ़र के सहरो ने दिखाए इतने बरे सपने की अपने प्यारे सपने लगने लगे छोटे दिमाग ने कहा चलते रहो उधर मुनाफा है जिधर| दिल ने कहा पूरे  कर अपने सपनो को जितने भी हो वह छोटे |

Participating in Gracehopper celebration of Women in Computing

Being a Microsoft Student Partners, I got invitation to participate in Gracehopper celebration of Women in Computing . I got excited to participate after going into details of the program. But my hectic schedule was not permitting me to take part. I somehow managed with my time and made my mind to participate in poster designing. From long time I had an idea of a research paper in my mind, so I thought it would be best time to implement it. After one week of research and hard work amidst my Gre exam and Amazon interview, I finally completed my two page abstract on "Environmental Educational Game" based on the design of Gombli (Imagine Cup Game Designing Competition 2010).Thanks to Dr. Gautam Paul (Jadavpur University), he reviewed my paper and help me to rectify my mistakes. Contribution from my team mate Shubhajit in designing Gombli was no less. I realized that research on environmental problems can bring significant changes in us.It make us more sensible in terms of sa

Push Puzzle: Trailer

A small trailer of Push Puzzle, my first experimental gameplay prototype.

Three WP7 Apps

Got three of my games running in WP7 emulator. Atooms to Moolecules is submitted in marketplace, and will get certified soon.

Kshitij: memories

Kshitij 2012 is up, and here is a documentary for Kshitij 2011. Missing the good old days :)

Build Your Dreams

Received surprise gifts from  “Build Your Dreams with Windows Phone 7” Applications contest as I almost forgot I participated :) . But the gifts are cool, its a portable iomega 320 GB HDD, a certificate and a yellow T-shirt.

Rubik's Cube Solver

Okay, its done. This Rubik's Cube solver uses Korf's Algorithm also called IDA* . The solver have two views 3D and flat. The implementation is similar to Jaap Scherphuis' Cubie , solving the cube with a maximum depth of 25. The cube can be scrambled and solved but its not configurable. The 3D cube is drawn using OpenGL. Download : (253 KB)

Rubik's Cube

I am trying to make a Rubik's Cube solver. I have finished working on Windows MFC programing now working on 3D modeling of the cube using OpenGL. After the modelling I have to work on the solver algorithm. Its going to be a a very interesting project. Later on I'll try to scan the cube through the camera and process it using OpenCV to solve the customized cubes.


This Game is about a geek guy, whom the player have to control, whose computer is being attacked by the viruses, these viruses will eat up all the information of folders. The Player is the owner of the folder and those folders are very important for him to save or recover them. To save his folders he will kill the entire incoming virus. To recover and protect his folders he will take help of some power-ups. The bonus points are given at the end of each level, which is equal to the number of folders saved. Enemy A.I Here viruses are provided very simple A.I. Viruses will chase the folder when virus comes in chasing distance of the folder. Viruses will also run away from the player, when the player comes closer to the enemies. Power-Ups The RED cross sign appears after some interval of time in the game, which symbolizes power-ups. The player can use this power-ups to recover the folders. This power-ups are symbolizing antivirus which can heal our folders. Folder.exe Download Folder.exe (

Squares Vs Triangles in Marketplace

Squares Vs Triangles is my second game published in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Zune Deep link : Screenshots

Push Puzzle in Marketplace

Push Puzzle my first prototype is my first game in theWindows Phone Marketplace. I will be submitting the game for  “Build Your Dreams with Windows Phone 7” Applications contest . Zune Deep link : Screenshots

Particle effect in Folder.exe

hi everyone I am writing after long time. I had been working on my academic project Folder.exe. It is a game designing project.The most interesting class of my project is "Particle", It is used when enemies are attacked by the player and get disintegrated in small particles. Here is the screenshot of my particle effect used on enemies In this Screenshot we can see when an enemy is attacked by the player, its health bar is shown and small particles coming out from the body of the virus. It make it appear that virus is breaking into pieces.

IIT Delhi Tryst 2011

We won lots of prizes in Tryst 2011 , IIT Delhi. Atooms to Moolecule was First and Squares Vs Triangles was Third in GameX (Game Design Competition) and Atooms to Moolecule was Ssecond in Demo Project. We did a lot of shopping from Neheru Bazar. We will be leaving Delhi by tomorrow morning. The Delhi trip was awesome. Bye bye Delhi.

Squares Vs Triangles: Trailer

Check out the new trailer of SVT running in WP7.

DTU Troika 2011

In last day Delhi Technological University organized Students’ Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC). The Techfest results were out after the conference and we won a first place in Ingenuity (Open Software Design), Troika 2011. We also got our game design abstract of Atooms to Moolecules published in  TRIGGER vol. 24, a volume of their Troika 2011 magazine. We left for Tryst 2011, IIT Delhi.

Atooms to Moolecules NEW Trailer

I have uploaded a new trailer of the game Atooms to Moolecules.

Delhi Delhi

At last reached Delhi, the train was 4 hours late. We participated in Ingenuity (Open Software Design), Troika 2011, Delhi Technological University. We reached the competition hall late, the Professors were kept waiting. It was a fun experience. We presented the new trailer of Atooms to Moolceule .

Atooms to Moolecules

Atooms to Moolecules is a chemistry based puzzle game. Explore the lab to see how Atooms changes into Moolecules. Trailer and Screenshots NEW Trailer Download Atooms to Moolecules (Setup).zip (7.82 MB) Atooms to (9.06 MB) Instructions Drag and drop using LEFT mouse button to connect the atomic creatures and RIGHT mouse button to detach it from the molecule. Make bigger and bigger molecule. RIGHT click on any atom will break all its bonds. Esc to pause the game. Troubleshooting If you have problems getting the game to run. You should install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 . Credits Design, Art, Programming & Sound - Shubhajit Saha ( shubhajit.saha @ ). Level Designing & Concept - Maya Agarwal ( maya.agarwal2 @ ). Music - Democracy, May and Nostalgia from Album May by Alexander Blu under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported . Sound effects are licen

IIT Kgp Kshitij 2011

Squares Vs Triangles won in IIT Kharagpur Techfest, Kshitij 2011, in the event OpenSoft. It was great a moment. We celebrated our win in Cafe Coffee Day in the campus with our two new friends Shelly and Bani. The trip to Kharagpur was a great success.

My first teaching session as Microsoft Student Partners

As a Microsoft Student Partners, I gave my first session on Introduction to Game designing in Xna. It was attended by more than 60 students from my college Bengal Institute of Technology. The driving force for this students to attend my session was the topic itself i.e designing game. I was very confident, excited, and equally nervous for teaching so many students for the very first time. But, thanks to my friends who co-operated with me. I described the most important elements required to design our own game i.e Microsoft Xna (game Engine) + Adobe illustrator( graphics) + Simple maths + interesting game play. Then discussed about Windows phone 7 games and apps. The benefits they can have by designing games in Xna, about cross platform support. How they can begin by designing simple prototypes to execute their ideas and then discuss about very simple games to begin. I explained them few of the designs of my own game and online tutorial resources like xnadevelopment , Riemers XNA tu

BITM Science and Engineering Fair

We got a chance to display our project Atooms to Moolecule in BITM Science and Engineering Fair . After four days of project display our project got second best place :)

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all. :) Now I am working on C++ DirectX will keep updating.