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Atooms to Moolecules: Trailer

Here is the trailer of the secret game I and Maya was working on for about 11 weeks now. This was my IGF submission this year. The levels in the game takes place in different parts of lab. I am kinda still working on the levels and stuffs. The game is more advanced version of my previous game Moolecule (small prototype). The game have a "LAB Setup" where you can build your own lab sets and play around. Where you can use the equipments, add atooms and have lots of fun. This section was basically build to check the behavior of the lab equipments. Here are some screen shot and more .. Hope you enjoy the trailer.

BIT Bits2Bytes 2010

Yippy! our game Atooms to Moolecule (in progress) won first prize in BIT  (Techno India) Bits2Bytes 2010 in software designing competition. The first prize in this category was a "pair of mice".